How to Penny Shop at Dollar General!

Yes, Dollar General has PENNY ITEMS! They will not be marked as a penny so I think of it as a game of hide and go seek!

*Please, do not bring up to the workers at Dollar General or ask where the penny items are, they will not tell you!*

Now, September 12,2017 is the first time I started penny shopping and I must say it is addicting! Once you see that you can grab items in Dollar General and have them for just ONLY a penny you will be amazed at how much you can save!

These are just a few things that I have got so far from penny shopping:

I know, it seemed too good to be true right? This is a REAL thing, and when the items ring up to a penny the workers HAVE to give you what is in your cart! But if you do experience any troubles, please call Corporate and explain the situation.

Now, let me give you a little inside information on how I was able to begin penny shopping!

#1 Penny Finder

The Penny Finder app has been the biggest reason why I could find penny items! This app includes codes, and pictures of items that you can find in your local Dollar General for only a penny! I was able to use this app to score big time and you receive information on when certain items will drop to a penny! Keep in mind, some items in the store have not been discovered yet, so there is a possibility there are items that are marked as a penny that no one else knows about! This app is only $1.99 and you will be saving TONS of money!

#2 Codes

If you have realized it or not, Dollar General items normally have different shapes under the price (for example: green dot, red dot, gray star, gold star etc.) THEY ALL MEAN SOMETHING!

I am still learning about penny shopping so you have to do your research on what each symbol means.

On the back of each barcode there is also a code. You may see a (FA16, FW16, S11) THESE CODES MEAN SOMETHING as well! You have to pay close attention to the symbols and dots.

For example, you can find a pink dot with a FW16 on the back. Certain dots WILL NOT discount, while others will. Now, time to let you in on a secret… I tend to get the BEST luck with picking up grey dots with a FW or FA code on the back in the shoes. When penny shopping, PLEASE remember that the year on the tag must be from a previous year (I.e: FA11,FW16) for it to be considered as a penny!

This is all for now! I will share more information once I gain more knowledge on penny shopping.

Thank you for reading my post!


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