Couponing Tips: How I saved almost $40 on COUPONING!

Now never in a million years did I think I would start couponing! Couponing is hard work and can be very time consuming. I loved walking into the store and seeing my boyfriend’s mom be able to work the coupons into her favor and save TONS of money! I was able to save $36.20 in two days of couponing! She inspired me and taught me a lot about it and before I go into how I was able to save, let me give you a few tips about couponing.


I can not stress this enough! Patience is the key to couponing, do you know why? Because you can have a million coupons in front of you but if you do not know how to work them into your favor, you will be wasting your coupons just to pay for the item full price.

Tip #2: Have something portable that you can use to carry your coupons around.

Now, sometimes depending on how many coupons you have it can be very hard to tote around a whole bunch of coupons around the store. I started putting coupons in my little black binder so that it would be easier for me to carry around and for my coupons to be more organized.

Tip #3: BRACE YOURSELF! You may end up in the store for awhile.

Remember I said you have to have patience? This is a part of why you must have patience. You may be able to go in and walk right out but sometimes, couponing is like a word search puzzle but with prices. You have to search for the prices and the different coupon deals you have to use for the items listed. With that being said, IT TAKES TIME! So if you are like me and get antsy with being in the store more than five minutes, you have to learn how to be patient to get the job done.

Now let’s talk about what I did to save $8.55 on my first attempt couponing.

1. Phone Apps

This is very important because a phone app can let you digitally download coupons right to your cellphone! This is convenient so that when you get to the register, all you have to do is type in your cellphone number and the register takes the coupons off of your phone for you so that you do not have to search and look for them!

As you can see, on my phone I have the Dollar General, CVS, Food Lion, and Family Dollar app downloaded on my phone.

On each phone app, you will have to sign up so that you can save the coupons to the app.

When I saved $8.55, I used my Dollar General app.

Once you get signed in, you want to make sure “all coupons” is highlighted in blue. Once you see a coupon you like, press the yellow “+” symbol to add it to your coupons.

When you ‘clip’ all of your coupons, they will go into a “my coupon” folder. Once you have had all the coupons you wanted into your coupons folder, you are ready to shop!

2. Grab a store catalog

When you first walk in, you will see a catalog on your left or right side (depending on what store you go to) of all of the items on save for the week. Now to really save, you want to see if the items you have a coupon for are on sale. Now, a little disclaimer: Just because you have a coupon for it, does not mean you have to

but it! Nor does it mean for you to buy it right then and there. Some stores will have the SAME coupon but the product might be CHEAPER at a different store! For example: I have the same coupons for gain products for Dollar General and Family Dollar but, when I checked the pricing of the same product it was different. Family dollar wanted about TWICE as much as Dollar General for the SAME product! So I stuck with getting my gain products from Family Dollar. Again, you have to go into the stores and basically PRICE MATCH the items you are looking into buying. Something at Family Dollar may be cheaper at Dollar General or vice versa. So PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE price match BEFORE trying to use your coupons up first.

Some of the products will be listed as a “hot sale” with a low price and adding a coupon with it will drop the price down even more!

On September 5,2017 I went to Dollar General to coupon my FIRST time. With all the coupons and sales they had, I was able to save $8.55. Not bad for a rookie!

This is all of the things that I bought and paid $5.33 for all of this! The Purex laundry detergent was on sale for $3.00 and I used a $2.00 off coupon to knock the price down to $1.95. Dawn dish detergent was $0.25 off making it $.75. Crest toothpaste was $3.00 and I had a coupon to take $2.00 off so it came out to be $1.00. Gain was on sale for $3.50 with a $2.00 off coupon making the cost 1.50. I got an extra discount from my digital coupons and basically paid only $.72 for it! I had a paper coupon with the Renuzit air fresheners which was $1.50 for two but at the register it was $.90 each so if knocked it down to $.60 each!

On September 9,2017 I did two separate transactions. Dollar General was having a sale on gain $5 off of $30 purchase of gain. With all of the coupons on my phone and paper coupons I was able to save $18. and I only had to pay $14.46!

I was able to save A LOT of money on this gain sale! I had a $5.00 off of $30.00 purchase PLUS I had a coupon for each item I purchased! The fabric softener was on sales for $3.50 (regular price was $7.95) it took off $2.00 from the app and it took an extra $2.00 off the whole sale so I basically got it for FREE! With one of the gain detergents the coupons took off $7.28 with the price being $7.95 so I paid $0.67 for one gain detergent! My other fabric softener came up to $2.94. The other gain detergent took off $1.28 leaving the price to $6.67. I got two Febreeze gain air fresheners with a but two save $3.00 coupon which made it $1.50 each. The dish detergent was originally $2.00, I had a coupon for and it that took off $0.25 but with the $5 off of $30 the discount for the item came up to $1.65 off which made the gain dish detergent $0.35!

My other purchase consisted of body wash, hair care, dish detergent, toothpaste, and air fresheners.

The Dawn dish detergent was for $2.50 but with my Dollar General app coupons it came up to be $1.59. The Caress body wash was on sale for $2.50 but I used a dollar off coupon so it came up to $1.50 each. The mane and tails was on sale for $2.50 each and I used a $.50 off coupon to lower the price to $2.00 each. Crest toothpaste had a $2.00 off coupon making it $1.00. I had a paper coupon for the Renuzit air fresheners which was buy 3 get one free which is still on a $.90 each price. After adding all of these coupons together, I also had a $3.00 off of $15 purchase. With all of the discounts added together, I was able to sale $9.40!

I really enjoyed learning how to coupon and will definitely continue to do so! I thank you all for taking the time out to read my blog, write a comment below if you have any questions!

Be blessed!


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