11 EASY natural hairstyles for short to medium length hair

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Now when you first go natural sometimes it can have you overwhelmed due to your new texture of hair. You often try to search on Google for hairstyles that most of them seem to be for people who have been natural for a while.

When I first did my big chop four years ago I had no idea what to do with my hair. I did not know about using natural oils, protective styling, none of that! Thankfully, over the four years I have been able to put together my go to hairstyles which I can have more of a variety with my hair and they are as followed:

1. Two-strand Twist

This one is one of my favorite go to hairstyles because I get to twist it up and leave it alone as long as I please. I am able to wash my hair in the twist and add a headband with it if I do please.

Con: Now the only thing about this hairstyle that I do not like it that over time your ends can tend to “lock up” if you leave the style in for awhile. Plus, this hairstyle takes up more time than a more simpler hairstyle would.

2. Frohawk

Now with my frohawk, I normally do it on an old twist out (probably about two days old). Very simple hairstyle, you just place bobby pins on each side (I normally use about four) pulling the sides up into a Mohawk.

Con: your curls may not be very defined do to it being an old twist out. You can use gel on clean hair to make your curls more defined but it can weight your hair down. When I like to define my curls I normally use Ecostyler gel Olive Oil. But if you want to use a more natural product I also use Kinky Curly Curl Custard Gel which is a NATURAL styling gel which the links will be below.

Olive Oil Gel


Kinky Curly Curl Custard Gel


3. Two braids and a ponytail

With this hairstyle I recently tried out on an old braid out but can be used on clean hair as well. I parted the front as if it was a bang and parted it in half to do the plaits.

I pulled the back of my hair up into a ponytail on top of my hair to create the puff. If you want to style it up a bit, add a cute scarf.

4. French braids

Another cute simple style is French braids. This hairstyle I have recently been using as a protective hairstyle. It can give you a more classy or elegant look.

Con: it will be a little difficult at first if you do not know how to French braid.

5. Twist out updo with a scarf

If I want to spice up my hairstyle, this is a hairstyle I will go to. I like this hairstyle because I feel it gives a more classic look with a scarf to make the hairstyle pop!

Cons: This style requires a lot of bobby pins to hold the back of your hair up so the bobby pins may feel a little uncomfortable.

6. Afro puffs

Another favorite of mine when I do not have my twist in! These are not just for little girls but can make a very cute yet fun look for any outfit!

Con: Some people may think it is not ‘professional’ but it all depends on who is in charge.

7. Braid out

This hairstyle I use when I have my hair out for a couple of days and do not want to do a wash day but I want a style done to my hair. This can be an easy cute simple hairstyle as well.

Con: sometimes, my braid outs do NOT come out the way I want it to look always. Sometimes it looks like the picture above or it can come out into a wavy look depending on how much product is on my hair.

8. Twist Mohawk

This style consist of flat twist and the two-strand twist. It is twisted into a Mohawk and some in the front for a very cute look!

Con: maybe you are kind of like me and it not really into using gel on your hair. Also, this style may need a professionals help which means more money out of your pocket if you can not twist.

9. Afro

This hairstyle was my go to for awhile now! I love this hairstyle and is one of the most simple hairstyles out of all of the above! Sometimes after a braid out of twist out if I leave my hair alone for a few days after, my hair will revert back to an Afro.

Con: Depending on your preference, some people like to comb it out into an Afro which can become extra work to maintain the perfect ‘Afro’ but with me, I simply let my Afro do it’s own thing.

10. Twist out

Another cute hairstyle I love to do after I am tired of my twist! It gives your hair some extra fluff to it with little crimps.

Con: just like the braid out, it may not always come out the way you want it to! I have had many fail attempts to my twist outs but I tend to rock it either way it looks.

11. Afro pulled back

If an Afro is not quite your style, the afro pulled back with a headband can help! It is still a cute style and makes your Afro puff look HUGE for a more bolder look.

Con: You MUST make sure your hair is moisturized so that your hair will cooperate with the headband. You can also use a scarf with this hairstyle to add a little more style to it like the picture below!

Thank you for reading my blog! Comment below YOUR favorite natural hairstyles!


24 thoughts on “11 EASY natural hairstyles for short to medium length hair

  1. So many hairstyles! I used to have a bunch of go-to styles that I did all the time, mostly consisting of braids lol. Now that I work and go to school from home, I usually do a French braid because it’s easy and keeps my hair out of my face without the damaging effects of putting it in a high ponytail!

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  2. My favorite style are the French braids. I wear them quite often. I am in the process of transitioning and that’s my go to style. I’m open to trying the other styles that you have posted.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. You’ve got such cute styles girl! Who says you can’t be versatile as a natural! They are lying! I love the afro puffs and the twisted mohawk. Love to see a post on protective styles and how you rock those!

    Liked by 1 person

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