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How to achieve soft juicy luscious lips

Now one thing ladies is that we do not want dry, flaky chapped lips! Especially if you are around your crush, significant other, or husband. You want to feel confident, beautiful, and certain that your lips are in tip top shape! Besides, who said you can’t pamper yourself from time to time? Every women deserves to feel beautiful the way God made us so why not give ourselves a little pamper? If you are thinking of what I am thinking, let me go a little further for you.

Now, your trying to figure out how to get SOFT JUICY LIPS right? And I’m not talking about doing a Kylie Jenner challenge either! A TWO product system to help you achieve the soft juicy lips you’ve been looking for, yes it does exist!

Mary Kay sales a Satin hands just for hands and a Satin Lips line which can be used for your lips. It is very appropriate that the name of the product has the word “satin” in it due to the way it makes your lips feel, but for this blog, we are just going to focus on the Satin Lips Shea Sugar Scrub and Satin Lips Shea Butter Balm.

I will go into the different steps I take to exfoliate, moisturize and achieve SOFT JUICY LIPS using Mary Kay’s Satin Lips Shea Sugar Scrub and Satin Lips Shea Butter Balm!

Step 1: Apply!

First you want to squeeze a small amount onto your finger to apply to your lips.

When you do this, you want to rub the Shea Sugar Scrub in a circular motion on your lips top and bottom lip similar to this.

Bottom lip on both sides using the circular motion.

And the top lip with a circular motion as well.

Until your top and bottom lip is fully covered!

While you are massaging the Shea Sugar Scrub onto your lips, you will feel the sugar scrub working to remove the dead skin that is on your lips to give you hydrated lips afterwards. If you never used a sugar scrub before, it may remind you of rubbing sand on your lips. But do not worry, this is one thing you will LOVE the benefits from using this product!

Step 2: Gently Wipe the product off

After I am done exfoliating my lips I take a wash cloth and GENTLY wipe the Shea sugar scrub off. You do NOT want to apply too much force to your lips because it may also harm the new exfoliated skin as well.

Then you just GENTLY wipe it off with your wash cloth.

Once you wipe the Sugar Scrub off of your lips, you will realize your lips will feel smoother and have a natural healthy look to them.




Once you have finished wiping off the Shea Sugar Scrub, you want to follow up with a Shea Butter lip balm!

When applying the Shea Butter Lip Balm, you do not have to put on a lot of product.

Just squeeze out a small amount of product and apply to top and bottom lip.



Now that we have moisturized our lips, enjoy JUICY SOFT LUCIOUS Lips!

Do you want to achieve Soft lips? Below is a way you can order these products online!

Thank you for reading!


8 thoughts on “How to achieve soft juicy luscious lips

  1. Kudos to you on the blog!! One correction and that’s this set is only for your lips. There is another product for the hands that contains the word “Satin” in it. Keep up the great work!!

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