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Bioré deep pore charcoal cleanser review

We all have our own face products that we use on a daily bases. Some of our face products gives us a somewhat clean feeling while others may leave our faces feeling greasy still or can be very drying! Is there a product that wouldn’t dry my face out as bad but yet give me a clean feeling? If you are asking that simple question, I know a product just for you.

Now lately everyone has been looking for the Charcoal black mask and in many YouTube videos it can seem very painful for the users. You just want the benefits of cleaner skin without the pain right? Well, this Bioré free your pores! CHARCOAL! Deep pore charcoal cleanser maybe a product you will be interested in.

I actually started using this product in the search for the charcoal mask (all I could find was the nose strips and the one for men’s which I will do a review on using it on my boyfriend later on). But in my search, I discovered this product and I have been using it ever since! I use the product twice a day (in the morning and at night) and it gives my skin a clean but not a drying feeling that at times I do not use a moisturizer afterwards.

As you can tell, I use this product A LOT! The Charcoal in the face wash DRAWS OUT dirt and impurities to give you a fresh clean feeling so it does not feel like the product residue is still on your face. There are a few steps that I take to make sure I receive that nice clean feeling!

First thing first!

Step 1: Make sure you wet your face first!

I usually use a wet wash cloth to wipe on my face first before applying the product. The product itself implies it and I feel it works better if you wet your face first.

Step 2: Squeeze a nice amount of product into your hands.

Now as you can see in the picture on the left, it has little Charcoal powder pieces in the product. Before I put the product on my face, I tend to add a little water to the product (picture on the right) so that the product will not feel like a glob of face cleanser on my face!

Step 3: Apply face cleanser

As you can see, it does not seem as if there is a lot of product on my face. Me personally, this is all I needed. Even with this amount of product I still get the full benefits of the face cleanser! Once I place it on my face I automatically feel it working by the product tingling on my face. It really feels the Charcoal is trying to clean the dirt out of your pores while you just sit there and let the product do all the work. I let the product sit for one minute but you can leave it on longer if you choose to do so.

Step 4: Wash face cleanser off of your face.

Now that you let the product do work its powers, you gently wipe the product off in a circular motion going up and around back.


And there you have it! Gorgeous feeling skin without the dry feeling!

In closing…

It can be hard to come across a product that can fit your needs but this is by far one of the best products I have used for my face. After this one runs out, I will definitely have to buy another one. We all want soft with a fresh clean face don’t we? PLUS this product can be used for men and women!

If you want to take a change at a soft fresh clean feeling, you can order the product from the link below!

Thank you for stopping by and have a blessed week!

To purchase this product used in the review, simply click the link below:


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    1. Hi! I am not for sure only because I have never used the mask, I had bought one that is for men’s that I want to try on my boyfriend’s face. With this product I use everyday, to me the mask would probably be a little too much to use everyday. I’m sorry, I hope this comment helps!

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